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The Empowered Spiritual Path™ Coaching System

Individual Coaching

Ready to experience real change in the way you feel about life? This intensive program is for you! During our ten sessions together, I’ll help you recognize and release past traumas, eliminate blocks to success and develop a spiritual foundation that will help you navigate life with Divine love. You’ll feel healthier, happier and more at peace without being haunted by the past or worried about the future. You'll learn how to bring consciousness to daily chaos to live a calmer, happier more productive life. A complete personal Enneagram profile is included. Let’s see if this is the right fit for you. Request a Clarity Session here.

Maintenance Package

Previous clients and those who have completed the coaching package can keep their positive momentum going by choosing the six month maintenance package (one 60 minute session per month). Contact Diane here to learn more.

High Performance Coaching Coming SOON



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